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Top Crisis Communications Strategies

The last thing you want to run into is a crisis. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to avoid them forever. They are bound to happen but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Crises can be handled if you’re prepared. Crisis communications strategies and contingency plans can be extremely time-consuming to make but they are one hundred percent worth it.

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How to Deal with Mass Media

While many can confuse the two, Public Relations and Mass Media are not the same thing. They are similar, in the way they both reach the masses through modern technology (television, phones, social media), but the practices are two totally different entities. Some say that with these increases in technology and society’s standards, that the lines defining the two are becoming blurred. 

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The Importance of Video

Videos are making a lot of noise in the business industry. YouTube is the second most popular social media site in the world right now and there’s a good reason why. People like videos and they want more. In a time where everyone wants everything done in record time, video content fits snugly into the fast-paced lives of most of the people you’re trying to reach. 

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Ingredients to Successful Customer Relations

If you've ever had a bad experience shopping, you've experienced bad customer service. Every business owner knows it's important to make your customer feel special. The customer is always right, right?  While this is certainly not a bad model to run your business with, it also shouldn't be the extent of your customer relations.

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Aschely Gaddy
The History of African Americans in Public Relations

Public relations plays a major role in the business industry. The process of communicating and interacting with the consumer base has been an essential goal for corporations and small businesses alike for centuries. But before PR pioneers such as Bayard Rustin, Ida B. Wells, and Patricia Tobin - just to name a few, diversity in PR was practically nonexistent.

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