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Reaching Generations Through Public Relations and Marketing

You know those products that claim to be one size fits all? I don't trust them. Why do you ask? Because, in my experience, one size fits all items never fit me the way I want them too. The same goes for your marketing and public relations efforts. If you treat your consumers like they're all the same you will never achieve optimum opportunities for success. There's nothing cookie cutter about a productive marketing strategy because there's nothing cookie cutter about your target audience. No matter what you're trying to sell you need an audience to get behind it and you need to know the group you're marketing to. Considering the U.S. population is primarily made up of three generations: the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, you're going to need just as many ways to successfully reach the consumers you want to reach in order to build beneficial relationships with them and create brand loyalty. 

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