The Importance of Video

Videos are making a lot of noise in the business industry. YouTube is the second most popular social media site in the world right now and there’s a good reason why. People like videos and they want more. In a time where everyone wants everything done in record time, video content fits snugly into the fast-paced lives of most of the people you’re trying to reach. With almost every social media platform utilizing the rise of video, from Periscope on Twitter, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories, it’s no surprise how quickly videos are viewed and shared. Now, imagine the impact that could have on your brand or business if you chose to take advantage of that. If you think it sounds like a good idea, you would be right and I’m going to tell you why. 

  Here’s the deal, sixty-eight percent of U.S. marketers plan to increase their digital media budgets for the next year (, and for good reason. In 2019 ninety percent of internet traffic will come from videos. That’s a lot of people and a whole lot of views that you should have a part in accumulating. The rise of video content is very real and if you don’t take advantage of it you could get left behind. The fact is, people are willing to spend more of their time watching the digital video (1 hour 55 minutes) than cruising social media (1 hour 44 min) ( and that is saying something, but I can’t say it’s surprising. 
Videos are made to engage the viewer. You can take the densest information and break it down in a timely and engaging way, keeping your audience interested, while simultaneously getting your message across. The great thing about the video though is while dense information is totally optional in a much shorter amount of time; you can use digital video to share endless types of information. Promote your new products. Show a how-to video. Share important information about your product or service that separates you from everyone else. Whatever you do, you have to make it engaging and make it more personal than simple self-promotion. 

Posting videos that connect with your audience on an emotional level show them that you care about more than just your brand. They want to be able to trust you and posting digital media content is a great first step to developing that long-term relationship you have built with loyal customers. You can achieve a beneficial relationship with the viewer by providing them with product explanation videos to give them a better idea of what your brand is about and how your product or service works in action. Fifty-seven percent of people say videos give them more confidence to buy online, and seventy-four percent of viewers who watched a video on a product end up buying it ( Those are the kinds of facts that lead to eighty-three percent of businesses saying videos are a good return on investment. That’s because your videos don’t have to be perfect, but as long as you get your message across you could still consider it successful and effective. You want to shoot for content and make it memorable or impactful enough to share, and with access to video content on almost every platform that will bring you a lot of traffic. 

Here’s the best part about gaining that traffic through videos, Google will make your website easier to find. The more you have the more exposure you get and that is a signal of good content. Your website is fifty-three times more likely to appear on Google first when you have video embedded on your website. And with the number of people watching videos on various devices it may be easier than you think to get the traffic you’re looking for. Ninety percent of consumers watch videos on their mobile device and since 2013 video views have grown more than two hundred thirty-three percent. That’s a lot of eyes that could potentially be on your website and your brand and that is exactly what you want. 
Video is becoming more and more important for businesses that are trying to stay relevant and maintain a strong consumer base. With the technology available today creating and posting digital video content is becoming more affordable and easier to do. You can utilize those videos in any way you think your audience will respond to the most. Vision is our most dominant sense. Remember that you want to connect with them and build relationships through meaningful, engaging video. It doesn’t have to be perfect to show your audience that there’s more behind your brand. But going that extra mile will definitely get you further than maybe even you know.