The Importance of Women Equality

The word "equality" seems to be under a microscope these days. I'm not going to get all political on you, but you should know, that gender inequality in the workplace is still prevalent in the business world right now. You read that right, it's 2018 and statistics show that women are still earning less than men, right around 80 cents to the dollar. As a woman, this is personally disturbing because it's wrong. As a businesswoman, this is unsettling because gender inequality is damaging and stifles businesses from reaching their full potential. Leading Lady PR not only believes gender equality is important - we promote it. No, we don't just do it because it's the right thing to do; we do it because it's smart - business smart. Integrating gender equality into your business plan creates diversity, improved productivity, and a great reputation. I don't know about you, but each of those traits sounds like success.

    When I say gender inequality, I'm not just referring to the obvious wrongs, like sexual harassment. I'm also talking about creating equal opportunities for both men and women. This provides employees with equal outcomes, but it doesn't mean it's exactly the same for everyone. Let's have some fun with analogies, shall we? Imagine a man and a woman are sitting at a computer desk. She has a monitor but an old modem, he has a modem but an old monitor, and neither can complete their task effectively. To stay in alignment with equality I would not give both of them a new monitor because that would prevent one of my employees from working to their full potential. I would give them both what they need in order to do their best work, it may be two different things but it creates an equal outcome. This allows both the male and female to work efficiently and create full equal participation. Your business needs this in order to promote healthy competition in the workplace, which attracts more talent and keeps your current employees around longer. In the workplace, gender inequality is not always as obvious as a missing computer monitor, and it's not just focused on unequal pay. 

Allowing each of your employees the opportunity to access leadership roles without discrimination is another major part of gender equality. There's this idea that women are better suited for caregiving roles rather than business leadership roles. American Press reports 4.6 % of women are Fortune 500 CEOs. Another particular study found that only 43% of Americans believe that women will be considered for leadership roles as often as men. This type of stigma in the workforce is detrimental to companies on a national scale. When someone believes his or her work, of comparable value, won't be judged fairly, morale will suffer, employee productivity will suffer, and ultimately so will your business. Implementing gender equality within your business means making decisions based on the abilities. You want facts, not stereotypes because utilizing those facts helps your business grow.

Gender equality also means acknowledging and respecting the familial responsibilities of both sexes. Women have children, and maternity leave is in place within most companies to provide their female employees with the time they need to recover from delivery. However, it can be difficult for female employees to return to work in a timely manner if affordable childcare is not available. A Harvard study points out that gender equality cannot be achieved if the workplace expects their female employees to be available at all times. This is a major problem in the business world because it can prevent women from having longevity and consistency in the workplace. Without this consistency, it's more difficult to be promoted, and less likely to be given the opportunity for a leadership role. It's a vicious cycle that LLPR wants to put a stop to.

Leading Lady PR not only promotes gender equality - we live it with our own girl boss, Erica Patterson. Leading Lady believes gender equality is important for any business to succeed and reach its full potential. Because of this, we are able to operate at optimum levels to provide your business with the services you need. We celebrate diversity and make smart business decisions based on facts to effectively deliver results to your business to help you grow and continue to find success. I believe it was Peter Parker's Uncle Ben who said, "With great power, comes great responsibility." This quote rings true for Spiderman fans and people in business everywhere, especially business owners. Gender equality is being responsible for your business, and Leading Lady PR can help you lead the way.