All About Fashion PR

Fashion. A world of glitter and glamour, right? Meeting celebrities and always having the hottest trends in your closet, but what about what happens behind the scenes? 

Behind the fast-paced glamour of fashion is the more fast-paced, slightly less glamorous world of Fashion public relations. The PR pros are the ones keeping up the glamour and making things run smoothly. They are the middlemen and mediators, the gears that need to keep turning in order to keep the party or event running smoothly. They are the faces behind the gift baskets and complimentary garments. 

Does this mean that fashion publicists do grunt work and reap none of the perks? Not exactly. Of course, they still get to work for hands on with designers and celebrities, attend the biggest parties and galas and wear the newest fashion trends. Not to mention the fact that anyone in the fashion world wants to be in the fashion world. In most cases, they are living the life they dreamed and worked hard for, but it's nothing like the movies. 

Let's first look at what the job is. Just like any Pr job, there is no one black and white definition. Depending on who you work for and what your title is, your job might not look like someone else's. PR is a big world and Fashion is even bigger. Put simply, PR includes branding, planning and executing events, building relationships and overall, handling communications.

Branding and using events to showcase and stay relevant are important for any industry, but for something that can change as quickly as fashion, it's imperative to constantly be networking and planning events and shows. It's not only planning, either. Ensuring the event runs smoothly throughout also falls into the category of public relations. 

When it comes to the world of fashion, relationships are of the utmost importance. Success in fashion is always a competition, meaning the job of PR is never done, the pros can never turn off. Fashion requires calling in favors and collaborating for shows and events. Without a strong network, built by the hard work of PR pros, a designer or company will have a hard time climbing the ladder to fashion success. 

Another major part of PR in the fashion industry is communicating with the public. Fashion success, like in most industries, relies on the public to want the products that are being offered. Not only do PR pros in the fashion world need to be building a network with other designers and sellers, but with clients and customers as well. If no one wants what a designer is producing, it won't matter how many shows or giveaways you do, you won't meet your profit goals. Fashion, like any industry, is part marketing your product to be desirable to the public but also part making products the public already desires. 

Fashion PR is a long, tedious job. The work often extends past normal hours and requires a lot on a daily basis. Unlike some other PR industries, it is important that the PR pros also have a passion for fashion. The job is not all press and publicity, but also running shows and photo shoots, putting together magazine threads, etc. If fashion isn't something they care about, as well as the PR side of things, the job will be tough to keep up with. However, if they have an eye for fashion and enjoy being in the middle of that fast-paced world, it will be much easier to keep up with things and even enjoy doing it.