Here's The Difference Between PR and Strategic Communication

Building a business and keeping it relevant is not for the faint of heart. You need tenacity, consistency, and a really, really good plan. And each part of that plan needs to function a lot like the gears of a clock, smoothly and effectively. If one thing is out of place, it could cause a malfunction, or worse, it could fall apart. Successful business owners know that it takes more than just a great idea to make their business last. They need to think long-term rather than focus solely on the tasks in front of them in order to reach more concrete goals. Reaching those concrete goals means you've got concrete results and a solid business plan. The buzzwords circling around successful long-term results are strategic communication. The question is, what's the difference between strategic communication and public relations, aren't they basically the same thing? The answer is yes and no. You need both to keep your business successful with our vast array of modern technology and now I'm going to tell you why. 
There are so many different ideas about what strategic communications actually is. Some business writers refer to it as long-term strategic planning. describes it more as an umbrella term covering activities like public relations, management communications, and advertising. Think of strategic communications as a cheese pizza, and all of the strategies you use from marketing to policy are the toppings. While using pizza to create a relatable analogy is helpful, I think this definition from gives you a somewhat of a clearer picture. They define it as infusing communications and efforts with an agenda and a master plan in order to promote your brand, urge specific actions or advocate legislation. In other words, strategic communication is not just one thing, it's almost everything a business needs to utilize in order to reach optimum levels of success and stay relevant from advertising to public relations.

    Achieving well-balanced public relations is a major contributor to corporations and organizations reaching their goals. However, pr is one moving gear within the clock of your business. It's a big one, but it's not the only one. Public relations fall under the strategic communication process. Pr builds relationships through research and dialogue, which is one method strategic communications utilizes in order to reach more long-term goals. Creating and applying a public relations strategy is a major part of strategic communication. Pr strategy helps organize public relations activities and allow you to make more strategic decisions about how to effectively optimize your communication with your audience. The main point here is to compile your data from public relations, advertising, and communications to achieve strong overall strategic communication in order to help your business get to the top and continue your success in the future. 

    It's understandable that with all of the planning and the multitude of strategies to apply that attempting to create an effective plan for growth can be overwhelming, especially now with the plethora of technology and possible pathways to choose from. I don't have to tell you how many people have access to the internet for you to know how important maintaining a positive digital presence is. But I also don't have to tell you how important it is to not pour all your focus into that. Getting your brand out to your target audience is a major goal and acquiring new readers is a major task, but it can be done and it can be done well with the right focus and the right team.

 Leading Lady Public Relations is much more than our name lets on. LLPR provides services that range from strategic communications to social media marketing and we're not just any other marketing firm. We're the marketing firm with the millennial voice. We know what makes the largest population in America tick because we are one of them. The marketing formula we apply to each client's strategy is what sets them apart and brings them closer to their goals. When it comes down to it, any business, corporation or organization attempting to grow has to stay informed and effectively utilize the information they gather. It's not just about public relations, you need to have a plan and make the foundation of that plan the data you gather from every marketing activity you attempt. Sure, all of that is much easier said than done, but you don't have to do it all on your own because our goal is to make you shine.