Best PR Campaigns of 2017

2017 has been quite a year. Whether you thought it was a complete dumpster fire or you were just happy to get through it, I’m sure it will be remembered for many things; successes, failures and the lessons we can learn from them to benefit our future. Learning from data and decisions from the previous year is something that successful business owners must do in order to improve their odds of success in the coming year. This is especially true for those of us in the public relations and marketing industry. The world of business is always changing and it’s our job to keep up with it in order to reach our target audience, gain new customers and keep our current followers interested. Diligently following the steps necessary to achieve success in the PR industry is not easy by any means but the most difficult part is putting your work out there, watching and waiting to see how your audience responds. does an excellent job relaying what most PR aims to do, which is to build customer awareness, build investor awareness, improve brand image and grow your company brand. In the spirit of the New Year and striving to improve on all things I think these PR campaigns shed a little light on the world as well as give their competition a run for their money. 

GUCCI: Most Likely To Drive Parents Crazy
Gucci’s public relations team wins this one. They utilized social media, specifically Instagram, and current trends to create some serious buzz for their brand in a younger demographic that wouldn’t usually be able to afford their products. How did they do that? Memes, and accompanying phrases like “That feeling when…” I’m sure many of you can probably finish that sentence with a ton of different endings and pair it with a popular meme or image that you’ve seen floating around social media (e.g. Twitter: #TFW) Well, Gucci took advantage of that humor and created a campaign for their watches by using them in photographs made to look like memes with pretty hilarious captions. Check some of them out here: Not only is this a refreshing take on PR, it’s a genius way to get the younger generation to start talking about them. Gucci’s team does an excellent job building customer awareness, improving their brand image and growing their company brand all in one campaign. Anyone who didn’t of that is wishing they did, so don’t be surprised when your little cousin asks for the new Gucci watch. 

RINGS: Most Memorable
    Okay, so this may not be as trendy as memes but the PR team promoting the film Rings knew exactly how to reach their fan base and get potential consumers involved in a campaign they wouldn’t soon forget. They utilized the current trend on pranks. Everyone loves a good prank, maybe not if it’s on you, but watching one is usually always hilarious and it hits that humor button that the younger generation is always itching to see. Time magazine calls this PR campaign “one of the most engaging and on-brand promotions for a film in years.” And once you watch the video you’ll see why: They used Facebook as their primary form of contact and received massive amounts of views and feedback. That’s a win, people. The whole point is, even if you haven’t seen the original movie, or you weren’t interested in the new one, being involved in this prank would definitely make you think about it. Just like watching this prank on social media would make you laugh and make you more aware of the movie and what to expect from it. 

One Water: Most Likely to Change the World
    The PR campaigns that I’ve mentioned so far are definitely marketing wins for their brand but One Water took it a step further. To raise awareness for World Water Day the drinking water brand, One Water colored their normally clear water bottles brown to demonstrate the poor water conditions many people live with all over the world,  At first sight the visual is jarring and you immediately want to know what’s going on. That alone is a success for One Water because they’ve already piqued the customer’s interest whether they buy their brand of water or not. Not only have they sparked a conversation about their brand, they’ve also put themselves in the position to help a greater cause, which promotes consumers who may not have previously bought their product to be a part of something bigger and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. One Water’s PR campaign is impactful and memorable because it’s so unique. I’m probably going to remember March 22 as World Water Day from now on, which means they’ve achieved their goal. 

This year has been something like a roller coaster. We’ve had some highs and lows but working in public relations and marketing is a day-to-day business. We need to know what’s going on and how current events impact our target audience. We saw many successful brands utilizing humor as well as promoting causes that have a positive impact on our world and the people around us. Every day is a new day and it’s important to be willing to spend each of them learning something from the success of businesses like those on this list because it’s possible for your brand to be on it next year.