How Public Relations Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is a cycle give and take a business and a consumer. Not only does that mean that there needs to be a certain level of transparency between the two, but also a level of loyalty. A happy customer is more likely to recommend a business to friend or family member, and even more likely to return. This in mind, there are many different things that can affect the customer’s satisfaction, which can make or break an industry. Knowing how to effectively use PR skills to benefit a business will not only leave a customer pleased but also a thriving industry in the wonderfully symbiotic relationship. 

It is nurtured to keep everyone happy. The first and most important thing to consider is that a happy customer is a loyal one. And a loyal customer is more likely to return. While that may sound obvious for any customer service representative or consumer, it is fundamental. When considering Public Relations, the goal is to reach and create those loyal customers with the help of the business/client. 

One thing that is most important to a customer is knowing where the business is coming from in terms of how they respond to customers. In a world of technology and social media sharing, anyone can become a critic nowadays. The basic image of the business to the public is the foundation and stepping stone to how customers will initially respond to it. Now consider this. Humans are often victims of the interesting tendency to base opinions and information on a single statement or idea that has been previously given to them and accepted to be true.

 A good PR expert’s efforts will pay off in the instance of this phenomenon when a customer has positive imagery in their minds. Building on already positive opinions benefits everyone! For every constructive experience hereafter, the idea of a great business will grow in magnitude in the intangible world of their thoughts. Give and take, or Yin and Yang. 

It is all about the compromise between the three (business, PR firm, and customer). A PR expert does not need to be a psychology whiz to get the concept, and it will serve them well to consider its basics. The goal of Public Relations is to be the middleman between the business and public, as a sort of barrier or filter with everyone’s best interests in mind. Customers demand transparency and require frequent updates on the business’ status. This is most likely with older businesses who have developed lifelong customers that now have children or grandchildren who shop there. 

Frequent customers find concern when a business they often support has troubles or even major victories. When there is something new and exciting that needs to be sent around the various public networks and sources, PR is there to help share the news, and there to delicately filter the information for the greatest possible result given the possible circumstances. According to Olamilekan (2016), Public Relations is the “two-way flow of value” between the two entities. This means that the customer will arise a higher value from the relationship, and translate that feeling into value for the business. This will sustain their loyalty for a longer period of time. 

Not only can a good PR strategy help keep current customers happy and content, it can also meet newcomers with open arms. In this symbiotic relationship, one cannot function properly without the other in terms of a business and a firm. It is something that cannot be so informal as to become robotic, because no one, customers included, can relate to something so cold. Formalities are necessary but in small doses. The most important thing to consider when aiming for the highest customer satisfaction is to treat those customers like people instead of customers. “The more customers are satisfied with products or services offered, the more are chances for any successful business as customer satisfaction leads to repeat purchase, brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth marketing. Customer satisfaction leads to repeat purchases, loyalty and customer retention” (Olamilekan, 2016). 

It is the personal and friendly relationship that keeps customers happy! Public Relations, while it may appear as a strict and firm career, also has that drive for customer satisfaction of their clients. This is because when the clients are happy, a PR expert knows they have done their job, and a client is happy when their customers are satisfied with their experiences. Just like the Imperial Shrimp benefits wholly by riding on the back of its friend the Sea Cucumber for survival, clients grow best when their PR firm knows what needs to be done for success, and is willing to do it for the betterment of customer satisfaction.  

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