The Importance of Onboarding an Amazing PR Team for Your Companies 1st Quarter

It’s the beginning of a new year. We’ve watched the ball drop, seen the fireworks and made our resolutions. The trick is actually keeping them. Those of us in the business industry know when we make resolutions for our business in the New Year we plan on making them happen. Success is about making goals and seeing those goals through by ensuring we take the appropriate steps to reach them. This is especially true for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Being the boss is both amazing and overwhelming. With great power comes great responsibility (shout out to Stan Lee) and that responsibility is heavy but it doesn’t have to crush you. That’s what public relations firms are for, we play hardball with you so that you can focus on reaching new heights with your business and we want to help get you there. 

    Creating excitement about your brand is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to build a relationship with the media just like any other type of relationship. It’s not realistic for anyone to blow up as fast as the newest Youtube star because businesses need to build a reputation with the media and their clientele. The best way to start building is to get out there and get eyes on your brand. PRnewsonline says it’s important for a business to start doing this as early as possible because long-term effects happen over time. The more the media see your name out there, as long as you’re working with a good PR firm, the media will take notice and bring more recognition to your brand. More recognition means more business and more business keeps you in the race.

    Our job as people in PR is to help give you positive recognition and give your business or corporation a competitive edge. Your competitors are already out there making a name for themselves. Do you want in? You’ve got to make the right moves and stay relevant. Have you heard of the Zune? It was Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod. The product looked cool, it did basically the same things the iPod did but Apple’s PR and the killer product were too much for the Zune to handle. There were still some floating around a few years back but Microsoft officially cut the production of the software in 2015. Microsoft took that “L” like champs and moved onto Xbox music and eventually Groove. Microsoft isn’t going anywhere but it’s not because Apple is doing any worse, it’s because Microsoft knows who their target market is and how to stay relevant in the media. I’m sure you’ve seen their tablets all over the place because they know their competitors, what to sell and when to keep their customers happy. That’s the power of keeping a good PR team on your side. 
The mistake that many new businesses make is to hire a public relations team to get their first campaign out there and then letting them go. You want to have a good PR team with you on your business journey because you want to continue to nurture the relationship you’ve built with the media. If you don’t have the time or the employees to spare on building and maintaining a relationship with the media, you need to hire a PR firm to get your campaigns going and keep them going. Consistency is key. The catch is you need to hire the right firm for you and your business needs. A major mistake that good business owners make is choosing to work with a PR firm out of convenience rather than taking the time to find the company that will portray their company in the way that benefits them the most.

Leading Lady PR is not just another PR firm. We are the new generation of public relations and marketing striving to break the mold of traditional PR and build strong relationships with our clients so that you can build strong relationships with your customers. We take the time to get to know you and create an individual plan for your business that will bring growth and longevity to your brand. Whether you’re an artist, small business owner or corporation, we work hard to put your brand name in front of your target audience and get results. With specialties in Start-Up Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns and Media Campaigns starting your business with us could be the move you were looking for to start your new year. The ball’s about to drop and it’ll be in your court. You could take the lead in this business race with Leading Lady PR.