Millennial Marketing: It's What We Do

Running a successful business in 2017 means winning over the largest generation that gets the most side-eye, the Millennials. A major misconception about Millennials is that we’re impatient. But the thing is, living as the generation that grew up with technology at their fingertips creates a certain mindset. We don’t have to send a letter we can text. We don’t have to go the bank it’s on our phones. The truth is we’ve grown accustomed to finding what we want at high speeds with our phones, laptops, and tablets we tend to keep on us at all times. This is good news for businesses because each of those screens provides a multitude of opportunities to reach consumers. The bad news is, our constant exposure to technology has riddled our minds with ads. They’ve sold us everything from Furbies to green ketchup and we’ve learned from our mistakes. Direct marketing isn’t going to work with Millennials because we’ve seen it all. Brand loyalty starts with getting the consumers’ attention in a fresh, creative way that personally connects with them. And one way to keep that loyalty is to consistently market to them and to trust the company that knows how Leading Lady PR.

            According to the millennial generation is made up of individuals born between 1977 and 2000 and makes up 25% of the United States population. It’s safe to assume that a large percentage of them use a mobile device and some form of social media. So, the best move would be to win them over. Failure to gain support from such a large part of the population has the potential to stifle your business and lead to failure. Leading Lady PR wants you to succeed and in order to do that your business needs to reach its full potential by connecting with the largest audience you can. You see where I’m going with this? Marketing to millennials isn’t just a good idea, it’s should be the main idea for your business plan. Don’t misunderstand, I know I’m just writing this and not running a business (yet). It can be overwhelming to attempt to reach an audience so large. There are a plethora of marketing options to choose from when the audience you seek uses multiple forms of media and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Our job at LLPR is to understand your target market and connect with them.

We’re a company of millennials that are actually looking out for you. We understand the social media and marketing trends because, as members of the largest generation, we help shape it. We are the Millennial Firm that is determined to get results that lead to success for your business. The goal is to provide each of our clients with a personalized experience, honing in on their specific marketing needs. With a specialty in social media and email marketing, LLPR knows how to get the right eyes on your business that will keep it growing and thriving. The best way to do that is to include a marketing strategy for the largest generation in US history.  And if you do it right you can make some serious waves and create brand loyalty. Millennials tend to share what they like and considering most of them use multiple forms of social media, that’s a lot of sharing. In the US alone Millennials spend $1.3 trillion annually. If that doesn’t blow your mind, good, you’re ready for the next step.

The best thing about the ability to access your audience through digital marketing is how quickly you can reach such a multitude of people in a short amount of time. This is also the problem many businesses face because there needs to be a balance. Nobody likes an email full of promotional spam or a stream of ads in their twitter feed, but you don’t want to be forgotten. Finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business is a key strength that Leading Lady PR is proud of. We know how to connect with your target audience and garner a beneficial relationship that will bring your business success. Millennials like to make things personal. Studies show that more than half of millennials like a brand or company on Facebook or Twitter. This is probably due to the amount of interaction those brands have with their customers. Creating that connection promotes legitimacy for your business through shares and comments from your social media, which is what your audience cares about the most. Millennials don’t trust ads or corporations; they care about people like them and what they think. And as a business owner, you care about what they think. The millennial generation shapes the future of commerce, business, and technology and without their support, it’s easy to get left behind. But with Leading Lady PR on your team we can help you become the brand or business they come to trust.