What is Public Relations and Why Your Business Needs It

You did it. You took a risk, put the time in and created a business you’re passionate about. The problem you’re facing now is getting your passion to the masses. Maybe you’ve been doing this for a while, and you want your business to last. Perhaps you’re launching your business, and you need it to grow. Whether you’re new at this or not, you want to be successful and stay that way. Chances are if you’re in any kind of business you’ve heard marketing could bring you that success. You see the ads, the billboards, the endless banners in all your free apps -all effective advertising tactics. But the mistake many businesses make is overlooking public relations, which plays an equally as important role in the success and longevity of a business. 

Many people are not sure what public relations really is, but the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) reveals 93% of surveyed CEO’s believe PR is just as important as advertising and marketing. One cannot survive on good marketing alone, and Leading Lady Public Relations provides your business with both. 
If you’re one of those, I mentioned earlier who isn’t sure what public relations is, that’s about to change. Public Relations is about strategic communication that helps create beneficial relationships between your business and potential consumers. It’s not just about the magazine ads anymore; your audience wants something more personal. They want to go behind the scenes, they want to connect with you, more importantly, they want to trust you and just using ads isn’t going to cut it. 

What you need to gain that confidence are good public relations.  It’s like the better, more attractive half of marketing that your business could be missing. Forbes is riding the public relations wave, in a recent article they say public relations can be used to protect, enhance, or build reputations through media, social-media, or self-produced communications. Business is evolving, and if you want to be in that 66% of companies that survive the first two years, you need to grow with it, and you need the Millennial Firm. 

Leading Lady Public Relations takes pride in consistently evolving with public relations and marketing trends. We utilize blogs, social media, and develop social media content to help your business gain and maintain the public eye. What sets Leading Lady apart is our ability to successfully combine PR and marketing, utilizing our exclusive formula of integrated marketing, which will help your business reach higher levels of success. 
Maybe you already know about public relations but haven’t found the company you want to team up with. Finding the balance of effective marketing and high PR can be tricky, even big brand names can suffer from it. Anyone remember how much negative attention Victoria’s Secret was getting because of their “Perfect Body” collection? Their consumers saw the ads, they saw the commercials, and they felt there was a lack of realistic body types. There were hashtags and petitions, and none of it was pretty. That, ladies and gents, is what happens when you don’t connect with your audience, too much marketing, not enough PR. 

The hot spot for success lies within a healthy balance of public relations and marketing, something called integrated marketing. Huffington Post considers the “Perfect Body” campaign a marketing without PR fail. Even well-established businesses can suffer from the improper balance of PR and marketing. Now, companies are actively seeking a combination of public relations and marketing, which is exactly what L.L.P.R will provide for your business. 

Being your own boss is not just about starting your own business, it’s also about staying relevant within a constantly evolving media. Statistically, a business becoming successful and remaining successful in its first five years is about a 50% chance. Those are not the best odds. 

Erica Patterson, the CEO, and Founder of L.L.P.R utilizes her knowledge from years of experience in the marketing industry to provide artists, small business owners, and companies with the services their businesses need to reach their growth and get optimum results. The goal here is to stand out from the crowd, to use creativity and innovation in our integrated marketing formula to help your business grow and last. L.L.P.R is not another public relations firm. We’re the Millennial Firm, the firm that knows how to evolve with the market and bring the success of your business with it. Sure, you’ve heard about marketing, you know about public relations, and maybe now you’re wondering what your next move should be. Well, I’m thinking I know someone who could help with that, contact Leading Lady.