The Perks of Social Media Marketing

Social Media - it’s like the final frontier of marketing, reaching far and wide to almost every corner of the world. The benefits for businesses on social media are practically endless. Look, not taking advantage of the social media movement is like not taking advantage of the newly invented Internet and only using newspaper ads. That doesn’t sound like a good business move because it’s not. The same way turning a blind eye to social media isn’t a good idea. Forbes lays out the benefits of social media plain and straightforward, it increases brand recognition, improves brand loyalty, and provides more opportunities for conversion, which leads to higher conversion rates. The key is knowing how to use social media according to the needs of your business. In the land of likes, snaps, and retweets you’ve got to outwit the competition and get to the top. We’re here to show you how.

            Let me fan the facts out for you. Hubspot reports 92% of marketers claim social media marketing is important for their business and 80% said social media marketing increased traffic to their site. The truth is you do not become successful by keeping your hard work to yourself. You want people to know what you do is awesome, and it’s something they should be aware of. You want their business, so you need their eyes. It’s forty times more likely your visual content will be shared on social media, and that’s a big deal because there are 2.56 billion social media users that could see your brand and tell other people about it. We’re talking on a global scale. Yes, I know traditional ads are also seen worldwide but where traditional marketing falls short is where social media is its strongest. Ads don’t create relationships, communication does, and you successfully achieve that through social media marketing.  I can’t tell an ad to drop a new song or make my favorite sweater in royal blue, but I can when I follow artists or brands on social media. That personal connection a customer gets with your brand not only creates loyal customers that will keep your business running but also spreads your brand name to potential customers, which promote company growth.

            The benefits social media has to offer can be numerous and impactful for your business. The problem is utilizing the appropriate social media platform to reach your target market successfully. But just being familiar with social media isn’t going to cut it. You need to know that while Facebook is the most popular form of social media, which could mean a maximum amount of followers, it has the slowest follower growth rate. Or that Youtube has the lowest follower count, but it’s the third most popular social media platform. And Instagram is the most popular platform for marketing apparel. Not only do you need to know those things, but you also need to know how to use them. What does your core audience want to see? What will lead them to stop scrolling and click on your site? There’s immense strategy involved in creating a successful social media presence because it’s always changing. Ten years ago using social media marketing seemed like a fad, but I think it’s safe to say the best way to give your business the opportunity to succeed is to utilize social media properly.

            The reality is social media marketing can help you, but it can hurt you if you don’t formulate a productive plan to optimize your time. Trying to reach your target market on a constantly changing platform is a daunting task that Leading Lady PR specializes in. We call ourselves the millennial firm for a reason. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of social media trends, and we understand how to use them to your advantage to create an individual opportunity for your business. We put our passion and creativity behind each of our clients and provide your company with a personalized experience to help you reach your target audience. Knowing your core demographic and the best way to get them is the path to a successful business. But knowing that is not enough to get you there.  More than half of adults use more than one form of social media, and more than 90% of brands use more than two social networks. That’s a plethora of eyeballs and a massive amount of competition. Partnering with Leading Lady PR will help your business get above the competition by helping you communicate with your customer base and creating beneficial business relationships. So social media marketing is what you make it, and Leading Lady PR knows how to make it look good.