Why Millennials are Actually Amazing

It takes an individuals drive and determination to mark your place in this great big world. It requires an extraordinary dedication and exploration that is characteristic of only one generation, and that is the Millennials. They have become the largest generation in both population size and inciting change in society.

 The Pew Research Center estimated that they have reached 75.4 million, which slightly surpasses the Baby Boomers at 74.9 million. They are leading the world in everything from racial tolerance to cultural diversity. As they take over the working world, there can already be seen changes that will impact the future of how businesses are run. If anything, the human race can be compared to that of a vibrant garden. 

There are many different variations of the same species that are united peacefully under the same sun. However, unlike past generations, Millennials are sprouting quicker than any other before them and growing to incredible heights.  

What makes them so unique is the same formula required to dominate the working world. While previous generations have focused on working up the corporate ladders step by step, Millennials are less likely to do this. In fact, they are more liable to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, with their own businesses and concepts in mind. Not only are they changing the existing companies with their ideas, but they are also building their own from scratch. 

For example, Snapchat was one of the many modern businesses founded by Millennials. It began as an idea of two college students that is now a 16-billion-dollar company. These Millennials are innovative people, taking charge of the world. Not only are they taking over the workforce and building startups, but they are also taking control as a bulk of the world’s consumers. 

Who knows what Millennials want more than other Millennials? 

They know what they want to see in the world. Millennials are like sponges for soaking in new knowledge. They take the traditions of our ancestors and put a modern twist on it. This is how we have seen technological development and trends in the past years. 

Technology caters to the younger generations, and they use it for their benefit. As a very optimistic generation, millennials aren’t very accepting of a status quo. Generally, they are very skeptical and revolutionary in their endeavors. Instead of adapting to the working world, millennials are encouraging that the world changes to their inventive ideas. 

The Pew Research Center estimates that Millennials will grow to make 75% of the United States’ workforce. They are beginning to take over the workplace and alter its direction and priorities towards a more active and inclusive environment. They are a very charitable cohort and prefer companies to back noble causes. Millennials want to give back to their community as well.  

Possibly the most endearing aspect of the millennial culture is their acceptance and openness to change. Equality and fair treatment are a primary focus of most individuals. This generation is full of activists and advocates. Millennial activist Blair Imani, for example, is widely known in the United States for her partnerships with organizations to educate future activists. Imani founded ‘Equality for HER’ in 2014, and focuses on femme equality. There are an openness and freedom filled aura about this generation. They long to make a positive impact on the world for the future. This creates a sort of protective shield around what they have accomplished. While Millennials are open to change, they do not welcome steps back in development like racism and blatant hate.  

There is one tool that, without it, Millennials would not be as successful. They surely have the drive and determination, but an individual device has created the opportunity to reach the whole world at once. This tool is the internet, perhaps the greatest benefit and device for them to utilize. It unites not only every user on earth but serves as a database for millennial minds to unite for a common cause. This cause could be anything from a business, music project, charity, or protest among other life-changing options. 

Millennials are able to achieve these great heights due to the benefits available to them other generations did not have access to. Cell phones, the internet, and easily accessible computers have created an independent, hard-working generation. Now that Millennials grew to see the development of these tools, they are using them to create better options in the world for the next generations. They are optimistic about the future of the world. They are doing their part to make these dreams for a better, happier future a reality. Millennials truly are amazing. 


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