Leading Lady Public Relations


Drive. Experience. Execution.


Leading Lady Public Relations was founded by Erica Patterson. Erica wanted to create a new way public relations is done. She likes to refer to her firm as a millennial company because we truly understand the way the market is changing. At Leading Lady Public Relations, we pride ourselves on our reliable and consistent effort to deliver results. Our innovative and creative ideas along with our youth and experience are what makes us the leading firm for companies and persons who want to experience growth and longevity. Along with consistent awareness of your business to top media influencers and customers. We focus on making you stand out in any market. 



Erica A. Patterson

Erica started Leading Lady Public Relations because she believes that public relations have become robotic and wanted to give it a different style. Erica's years of experience in the field led her to create a formula between marketing, digital communications and public relations that can help any company or persons succeed. Erica prides herself on going above and beyond for each one of her clients.